About Us

It’s easy to think of fish as a school. But in the end, each one is an individual and has a life history and story. By catching fish on hook and line, one fish at a time, our fishermen see that each fish is unique in its own way. We believe each fish deserves to be treated with a singular devotion to quality and the respect due to a wild creature, all the way to the consumer. In the same way that our fishermen consistently give individual attention to the fish they catch, our service is tailored to our customers needs. At Alaskan Family Fisheries our people and our focus on quality and service are the difference. We take pride in our catch, and offer you only the best. We primarily sell headed and gutted sea-frozen king salmon and coho salmon. As a catcher-processor, we take full responsibility for the quality of our fish and are able to offer you a consistent product. Our blast freezing process locks in fresh flavor and is freezer-stable year round.

In a challenging and rewarding process of searching for schools of fish, using indicators like whales and sea birds, we sometimes get on the bite, and other times catch little to nothing for days. When we find good fishing, things quickly get exciting and laborious. Each fish we catch bites one of the meticulously sharpened hooks attached to whatever lure is the skipper’s current favorite. Once hooked, the strong salmon tug at the line while we jump to reel them in. Once retrieved, the lively and vibrant fish are stunned in the water and pulled aboard. Our fish quality starts the moment each one is hooked; stunning and immediate heading prevent the fish from flopping around and bruising or losing scales. Using a saltwater I.V., all blood is flushed from the fish’s vascular system. Cleaning, or dressing the fish involves removal of entrails and all viscera with precise cuts made by a sharp and practiced knife. We provide seafood from small scale local fishermen that care about the oceans and its health genuinely. All of our seafood is small scale, one fish at a time, processed and taken care of. We are proud to be able to offer the highest grade of Salmon, Lingcod, and Spot Prawn available.

At this point, the fish has transitioned to a recognizable and palatable piece of meat, boasting shiny silver scales and bright, salmon red flesh . After vacuuming each fish to remove any slime or excess water, they are precisely placed on a frosty freezer tray and rapidly brought down to temperature in our -40° F blast freezer. Once our fish are down to temperature, we dip them in a cold saltwater bath to form a thin ice coated glaze that seals in moisture and keeps oxygen away from the salmon’s tender flesh. Glaze creates a freezer-stable product that maintains its day-of-catch freshness throughout the journey from our family to your fork.

As a cooperative, Alaskan Family Fisheries is large enough to supply food service and retail establishments of all sizes but small enough to focus on quality and service. For many years we have had a relentless commitment to quality. We specialize in troll-caught salmon–king salmon, coho salmon and keta salmon. Our sablefish (black cod) is well-known by buyers around the world and we are recognized for the special care we put into the halibut and sashimi-grade albacore tuna that we bring our customers.

From our boats to your table Alaskan Family Fisheries delivers a superior product through a sustained and well-regulated fishery. When you choose to purchase from us you are buying directly from the fishermen that harvest your seafood. As fishermen we have a passion for our profession. We meticulously handle each fish one-by-one from start to finish providing the highest quality on the market. We invest time and money in studying different fisheries to support the most sustainable fisheries, best methods of catch, and best ways to decrease unnecessary by catch. It is our children and our families who will inherit responsibility of managing these waters and we want to give them all the help we can. We are committed to providing seafood that is accurately valued to work with the economy but also support the community.

When it comes to seafood you truly get what you pay for, and we know that once you try us out you will want to serve it to all those who are important to you whether they are family, friends, or guests.