Our Fleet

Arthur Eells Jr.

Arthur Eells Jr. carries on the family tradition of salmon trolling in the Misty Dawn with over 32 years of fishing these waters, Art has seen it all. From epic fishing years, to break downs, gale force winds, and storms. He has experienced a lot of time on the water and has pioneered the sea life that his family lives and loves. Arthur and his wife Jenny fish together on their boat and are truly blessed to have created such a tight-knit and loving family.


Arthur Eells III

Arthur Eells III, the oldest of the four Eells brothers, skippers the sturdy steel hulled vessel Scimitar, and loves to fish the productive offshore waters off Cape Edgecumbe. On occasion where everything comes together just right, Arthur has seen magic happen on these waters and swears he wouldn’t give up salmon fishing for anything.


Tyler Eells

Tyler Eells captains the seaworthy fiberglass hulled Pegaso and is seen fishing the local waters as many days or more than most any other boat in the area. Tyler loves the rhythm of the early mornings fishing and running the lines by himself, the wind and spray in his face, and the early am wildlife encounters. “There’s nothing like it, when you’re the only boat out there as far as the eye can see, only the whales and birds with you…”


Brandon Eells

Brandon Eells recently finished college, moved back to Sitka Alaska and bought the Emily Ann to troll and spend more time with his family. “I love seeing my family out there on the water on their own boats, keeping our ties close is so valuable to me.” The Emily Ann has been kept in the family for many years, first owned by Arthur Jr. then Michael Eells and now Brandon, proud to be the captain of the boat he and his brothers grew up on.


Cleveland Eells

Cleveland Eells is the youngest of the Eells brothers, he skippers the Seanna, a 50-ft. wooden salmon troller with a blast freezer that can flash freeze salmon and spot prawn at -40 degrees while at sea. Before graduating high school Cleve had purchased his salmon troll permit and first boat the Fireweed. Cleve has been an integral part of developing Alaskan Family Fisheries in its early stages.


D. Jeffery Eells

D. Jeffery Eells (Uncle Jeff) captains the mighty fishing vessel Yentna. Named after one of Alaska’s great rivers, the Yentna holds up to it’s name. Jeff fishes with his three boys who have grown to love the troll fishery and Alaskan boat life. He has always held a strong belief in taking the best possible care of each salmon, and with the help from his sons, has become known to deliver some of the best looking loads to local fish plants. Uncle Jeff is praised by his four nephews for being their when needed most; for breakdowns and hardships, he gives you the shirt off his back and gets you back out on the water.


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